Defection not Ideal for our Democracy- SDP


The chairman of the Social Democratic Party in Ondo State, Chief Korede Duyile, has said that the issue of defection from one political party to the others among the politicians is not good and ideal for the nation’s political system.

Duyile, who disclosed this while speaking with reporters in Akure , informed that defection is a system, but not a fundamental issue, adding that it has always been the practice in Nigerian politics.

Going down memory lane, the chairman explained that defection was not common then, saying , “It was happening, but not as it is now,” he noted.

He recalled that in 1999 and 2000, some senators from his former party, Alliance for Democracy (AD) defected to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with the development, which he said was welcomed by the PDP, and its members were happy.

According to him, AD as a party expressed dissatisfaction over the development, which it said was not good for democracy in the country.

“But now, it has become a new thing. In 2015, the same set of people defected from PDP to the All Progressives Congress (APC) and APC was happy.

“Now that it has happened to the PDP, no party should be aggrieved about it.

“Defection is not good and not ideal. But what do we do? There is freedom of speech,” Duyile said.

The chairman, therefore, called for the implementation of the 2014 conference for better restructuring of the country.

“Due to the prevailing political environment in the country, that is why the Yoruba Pan Socio-Cultural group, Afenifere is clamouring for restructuring.

“When the environment is not developing what will you do? The solution is to go back to the 2014 CONFAB, to have real federal structure,” he emphasized.