NPC to Digitize Birth, Death Certificates


The National Population Commission (NPC) on Thursday has disclosed that its operations  would be digitalised in Lagos from 2020 in order to checkmate activities of touts.

NPC Director in Lagos State, Mr Murphy Adigun, revealed to newsmen in Lagos State.

The Commission said that it has been battling with touts who parade themselves as NPC officials, collecting money from unsuspecting members of the public to issue birth and death certificates and is ready to conquer such issues.

“The local governments were issuing these certificates before NPC took over the responsibility and it has been difficult for the touts to leave the local government offices.

“Most times, it is the citizens that encourage them as they do not want to go through the processes and procedures.

“The touts are even bold to advertise what they are doing,” he said.

Adigun said the touts believed that the certificates could not be issued free and capitalised on their belief to collect money from people.

The NPC director said there had been instances when he directed people to the office where they would collect birth or death certificates, but surprisingly only to see the same people asking another person.

“That is how they fall into the hands of these touts. Many of the tout are mobile and you see them everywhere loitering around,” he said.

Adigun said the issue of touting is a challenge that has given the NPC a bad image.