Protesters Drag Govt Official in Streets with a Truck for Failed Campaign Promises 


The Mayor of Las Margaritas, Mexico, Jorge Hernandez, was tied to the back of a pickup truck and was dragged through the streets by a group of protesters for failing to fulfill campaign promises. 

A local media outlet, El Heraldo de Mexico, on Wednesday reported that the protesters armed with clubs and rocks dragged Mayor Hernandez in Chiapas in southern Mexico.

According to the report, the Mayor was rescued by the police as they later stopped the Toyota pickup he was tied to and freed him.

The media outlet reported that the Mayor was forcibly taken from his office by the angry residents for failing to reconstruct a local road, and bring potable water and electricity to the community as he reportedly promised during election. 

The Mayor however sustained minor, non-life-threatening injuries, and even gave a speech several hours after the incident according to the report. 

Municipal authorities have detained at least 30 people, with 20 injured.

Mr Hernandez said he would press charges for abduction and attempted murder.