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Buhari’s Loyalist Criticizes Governors’ Handling of Covid-19 Palliatives


Director of Media and Publicity of the President Muhammadu Buhari 2019 Campaign Committee, Engr. Kailani Muhammad yesterday lashed out at all the governors over their handling of palliatives meant to cushion the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He lamented that the events that trailed the  #EndSARS protests, exposed the nonchalant attitude toward a suffering populace by government as seen in the handling of food items kept in warehouses.

Muhammad who stated this at a press conference however hailed President Buhari for approving the sum of N75 billion for Youth Investment Fund, (YIF) in the youth population.

He regretted that the failure of leaders across country over the years impacted negatively on the  fortunes of the youths.

He however called on state governors to explore ways of improving on Internally Generated Revenues (IGR) rather than engage in legal battle  with the federal government over local government autonomy.

“The average Nigerian hardly eats two meals a day, but our politicians from the National Assembly to governors, cruise flamboyantly in Sports Utility Vehicles, SUVs around town. I am optimistic that this #EndSARS movement will jilt them out of stupor.

“The protesters have touched the conscience of a mass section of the various stratum of our nation across board.  What our so- called leaders need to do now is to sit back and think deeply where they went wrong.

“Those who are scared of the unknown by these protests because of skeletons in their cupboards must have a rethink. They must re-adjust themselves so as not to be caught in the cross- fire that may occur.

“The consequences of a repeat of a daring youth stratum, who might take a second peep through the lenses to detect deliberate damaging attitude by any section of governance, which inflicts avoidable pains on the populace might not have a hiding place.

“It was during the protests that Nigerians got to know that President Muhammadu Buhari had long ago, approved a whooping sum of N75 billion for Youth Investment Fund, YIF, that is meant to empower the youth stratum with a loan facility ranging from N250, 000 to N50million.

“That was a heart-warming revelation. Moreover, over N53 billion was approved for state governors apart from the palliatives from the Humanitarian Ministry,” he said.

Describing the attitude of some governors in the handling of palliative funds, Muhammad added that it was nothing short of “a nonchalant attitude toward a suffering populace by government.”

He continued: “Who among the governors has a mind big enough to groom the youths to take the mantle of leadership of this country when their crop filters out to the great beyond?

“The fact is that, they are rather grooming their children, cronies and those that take oaths to protect them from prosecution for theft, fraud, embezzlement and abuse of office. Fortunately, the handwriting is now on the wall for those who can read the signs.”

While appraising the actions of the genuine protesters, he said their action resulted from pent-up fury and frustration.

“Nigerians were tired of falsely painted portraits of a better tomorrow that never materialized while the privileged few live in opulence. There were deliberate cosmetic approaches that were never intended to solve critical national concerns.”

He however acknowledged that the protest was hijacked and used to inflict an irreversible damage on the populace and the government.

“There were individuals and groups hiding behind the mask that fuelled the phenomenon like the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB led by Nnamdi Kanu and others but the plot failed woefully, adding that “those who infiltrated the #EndSARS protests with theories of reconstruction of the entity are mere casualties of psychological failures. They are aware, but not in tandem with democratic norms and avenues for addressing political distractions like this at the National Assembly.”

He also lambasted those advocating for the breakup of Nigeria.

“Those advocating for the break- up of this country, have deliberately refused to appreciate or consider the implications or the dire consequences attached to its disastrous fall-out. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR experience is a good example and an eye opener to us.

“Patriotic Nigerians should be wary of foreign powers that see Nigeria as potential threat that but can become a world power, thereby crowding their relevance on the global scene,” he said.



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