France and Juventus Player, Blaise Maitudi, Tests Positive for Coronavirus


France World Cup winner, Blaise Matuidi, has tested positive for coronavirus.

The Club however said on Tuesday that he is currently asymptomatic.

“Matuidi has undergone medical tests that have revealed his positivity to the Coronavirus-COVID-19,” the Italian champions said in the statement.

Juve added that the 32-year-old Matuidi, who lifted the World Cup in 2018, is currently “in voluntary home isolation”.

His club teammate Daniele Rugani was the first top-flight footballer to be diagnosed with coronavirus last Wednesday.

The club had instructed Cristiano Ronaldo and other players to self-isolate themselves.

The 25-year-old Rugani was also asymptomatic and is currently self-isolating in a room at the team’s J-Hotel, beside the Italian champions’ training centre and the whole squad were all in quarantine after Rugani tested positive.

In total 12 Serie A players have been diagnosed with the illness which has killed more than 2,000 people in the Mediterranean country.