I’ll End Kidnapping of Students in the North in 3 Months, Okupe Writes Buhari


Dr Doyin Okupe a former aide to erstwhile President Goodluck Jonathan has pleaded for an audience with President Muhammadu Buhari to discuss his idea on how to end the incessant kidnapping of school children in the northern part of the country.

Okupe’s letter written through the office of the Chief of Staff to the President, is titled “Request for an appointment to discuss my proposition on Kidnapping of School Children.”

The former presidential aide assured the President that if given the necessary backing by the Federal Government, he would solve the challenge within two to three months.

Okupe urged the President to disregard his political affiliation as an opposition member, emphasising that he was not making the offer as a member of the People’s Democratic Party but as a patriotic Nigerian.

He pointed out that no election can hold amid massive insecurity and National crisis.

The letter read in part; “I will greatly appreciate an appointment to meet with the President to discuss a proposition that I believe will help to end the incessant kidnapping of school children particularly in the north.

“I strongly believe that if I am giving a chance to handle this disturbing and perplexing national malaise, I can help to put an end to this problem with support of the federal government and the backing of the Almighty God, in 2 to 3months maximum.

“I am unable to lay out the essentials in this proposition for security reasons as u will well understand.

“I will like you your excellency to put aside any partisan considerations or ill concieved motive behind this patriotic move.

“I come to you sir not as a pdp man or member of the opposition.
Rather I make this request with all humility and respect for your high office as a deeply concerned Nigerian and as a stakeholder and believer in the Nigerian Project.

“Whatever my plans are they will still heavily rely and depend on the full weight, support and participation of the federal government and its agencies in the execution. So the issue of partisanship does not arise.

“It is an undeniable fact that neither pdp nor APC can hope to compete under any electoral process in the presence of massive insecurity and national crisis. Therefore my thinking is that we should first consider coming together to put off the flames of conflagration spreading across the country before we start to prepare for any elections.”


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