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‘Laila’ of Labarina Series, Taken


‘Laila,’ the rich and generous damsel in the Labarina series has been taken by Tijjani Babangida, the Nigerian Super Eagles Olympic Gold Medalist. The wedding, as custom demands, took place in Kaltungo, Gombe State, where ‘Laila’ whose real name is Maryam Waziri, comes from.

‘Laila’s’ marriage on Friday must have come as a surprise to millions of her admirers and fans as she unusually kept the preparations shrouded in secrecy until the last moment. According to reports, even her producer in the Kannywood series, Labarina, was not aware of the preparations.

She took to her Instagram to announce that she was officially taken and prayed “May Allah protect me from any undertaker dat will take me from my taker….”

Millions of her fans and admirers will miss this beautiful actress as a deluge of congratulatory messages followed the announcement of her marriage.



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