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Outrage: Nigerians Condemn Reps Members over 400 Camry 2020 Cars


The delivery of 400 exotic vehicles to the members of the House of Representatives has sparked outrage among Nigerians on social media as many described it as insensitive. 

Members of the green chamber of the National Assembly have started taking delivery of Toyota Camry 2020 model amid the fight against the spread of Coronavirus pandemic in the country. 

The country is currently in need of financial resources to control and combat the pandemic which could stretch Nigeria’s health system. 

Nigerians however took to Twitter to express their displeasure at the move by the lawmakers by inundating the app with criticisms.

A twitter user, @nafeez described the country as Animal Farm, a fable written by George Orwell to expose the hypocrisy of leaders in the society. He expressed surprise that the legislators could take the delivery of such exotic cars while a Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma had to donate Coronavirus test kits to the country. 

“400 new exotic Toyota Camry 2020 model for Rep members. The same Nigeria that had to wait for Jack Ma’s #COVID19 test kits. The masses must recalibrate and live within their means. There is ₦30 food in Kano. Animal farm,” he said

Another commentator, @YoungOtutu said; “While the Reps are taking delivery of 400 brand new Toyota Camry 2020, worth $25,000+ each. The govt is finding it difficult to purchase ventilators at $17,000 each. Same govt is relying on donated  #COVID19 test kits from China. The tragedy of a Nation.”

@9jaagstP noted; “What? Amid of CoronaVirus??? These 400 Toyota Camry 2020 model you guys purchased can build 400 health centers in your various villages. How do you sleep??? Nigerian politicians are very heartless. I have no empathy for them. I wish them nothing but Painful death.”

@Tife_Fabunmi added; “In 2020, we have few standard hospitals.

In 2020, we have less than 10 standard universities. In 2020, we fear SARS more than Robbers. In 2020, we have poor electricity supply. …but our leaders are riding Toyota Camry 2020. By now you should know we don’t matter to these guys.”

@AsiwajuLerry said; “We are lacking in ventilators. We are lacking in provision for people who live by daily income but are in Quarantine. We are lacking in standard isolation buildings. But 400 New Toyota Camry 2020 just arrived for Rep Members. Tell me a better Joke of a country than Nigeria.”



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