Trump Backs Nigeria’s Twitter Ban, Urges More Countries to Emulate Decision


Immediate past President of the United States Donald Trump has backed the Nigerian Government’s decision to ban social networking site, Twitter.

The former President gave his support to the decision, which has been criticised by his country US and others, in a statement on Wednesday.

Trump called on other countries to emulate the Nigerian Government’s ban of Twitter, adding that Facebook should suffer same fate “for not allow free and speech.”

“All voices should be heaed,” he added.

Trump who said other competitors will emerge and take hold, expressed regret that he did not ban Twitter and Facebook while he was the President.

He said the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg kept visiting his office to “tell me how great I was,” which made him not to ban the platform in the US.

He hinted at the possibility of him returning to the White House in 2024 to take the action he couldn’t take while serving.

Trump himself was banned by Twitter and Facebook for posting inciting comments which culminated in the protest at Capitol Hill in 2020 where lawmakers were to validate the Electoral College victory of Joe Biden.

Five people died during the protest.


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