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Why I will Honour Police Invitation – Jalingo


The Publisher of Cross River Watch, Comrade Agba Jalingo, has said that he would honour the invitation extended to him by the Cross River State police, saying he is not a fugitive.

In a press statement, Jalingo explained that police are acting the script of the state governor,  noting that the invitation will amount to arresting him following his recent publication that did not go down with the governor.

According to the statement, “the Nigerian Police in Calabar dropped their invitation for me at our office in Calabar. In case you aren’t abreast, I wrote an article about the Cross River State Microfinance bank in Cross River Watch and the Police say there is a complaint that the article is “conspiracy to cause a breach of peace.”

The letter dated 14th August, 2019 delivered two days later by Eni Benjamin 9:30am and signed by Mrs. Tami Evelyn Peterside, a Deputy Commissioner of Police, State Criminal Investigation Department reads in full:

“This office is investigating a case of conspiracy to cause a breach of peace, reported by Cross River Microfinance Bank, Calabar, in which your name is mentioned. To facilitate our investigation, you are kindly requested to see  the Deputy Commissioner of Police, State Criminal Investigation Department, Calabar, on Monday, 19th August 2019, at 1400hrs, to state your side of the case. Your cooperation is highly solicited as we expect an early response, please.”

Speaking further, Jalingo said “though the letter was addressed to a wrong name “Agba Aborbor a.k.a Jalingo”, a name I have never heard before, I still would have gone to the police so far an invitation was brought to our office formally by the police, for certain reasons.:

“The police is constitutionally empowered to investigate complaints and deal with culpable parties. The law also empowers the police to invite citizens named in complaints for questioning to ascertain the truth and every law abiding citizen must cooperate with these provisions of the law, and I am a law abiding citizen; so I will go!

“It is only fugitive outlaws, whose tracks are usually not clean, that run away from law enforcement. I am not a fugitive; so I will go.  For what appears like a wrong spelling of the name of my grandfather “Abobo” which none of my father’s children has ever used either as suffix or prefix, to find its way into that invitation, confirms my earlier allegations that this complaint is political.

“The Nigeria Police know my names correctly. I have had so much to do with the organization to know that they know my names. So I want to tell whoever is the politician behind this shoddy job that they cannot bully me. This country is governed by laws and I am prepared to test my culpability in this frivolous complaint; so I will go.”



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