Businessman Who Claims He can End Poverty in Nigeria Within 6-9 Months Writes EFCC, Stirs Twitter


A Nigerian businessman, Omotade-Smart Sewanu, who claims he can end poverty in the country between 6-9 months has written an open letter to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) ahead of the commencement of his Blockchain project. 

The letter which was published on his Twitter handle, @InksNation has been trending on the app as many users have been reacting to the letter. 

He noted that he had built a “Nigeria-To-The-World Blockchain (iBLedger)” which he claimed can end poverty in the country within 6-9 months. 

Mr Sewanu also said the project would start with a foundational token in Nigeria, iBNaira, and further claimed it could generate a minimum of US$847bn for the Nigerian government and pay every citizen including babies born everyday N120,000 monthly. 

He stressed that his poverty eradication and Smart-Urbanisation scheme through the said iBNaira would begin on November 12.

Mr Sewanu however called the attention of the anti-graft agency that the scheme would attract large flow of cash, emphasising the need to give the EFCC prior information before the kick-off of the scheme. 

“The Poverty Eradication and Smart-Urbanisation scheme through iBNaira will begin fully on the 12th of November which is on my birthday and I know that it will attract large cash flow, so to balance the equation I am using this letter to answer all the questions you might want to ask beforehand. This is to make sure everything works out smoothly, and I do not think it would be wise to start a Made in Nigeria project of this magnitude outside Nigeria.”

Meanwhile, Twitter users have been reacting to the letter with the hash tag #LetterToEfcc, as many urged the anti-graft agency to look into his project and give him a chance.

A user of the app with the nickname The Prodigy wrote; “I think this project if given the chance and it actually goes as planned it will better the lives of the masses. Blockchain technology brings lots of benefits. I just hope EFCC will look into it and give him a chance #LetterToEfcc.”

Lawrence Evera Okoro said: “A man that can bring @officialEFCC into a blockchain scheme of eradicating poverty is a man that deserves to be given listening ears. #LetterToEfcc.”

Another Twitter user, DJ Davisy said; “A business man just called out EFCC saying he is going to eradicate poverty in Nigeria within 6 – 9 months. The man even told EFCC he is open to questioning.. Is this man not looking for trouble like this? I think he should be given a chance though #LetterToEfcc.”

King Monye said; “Years back when I heard of BTC (Bitcoin) I looked away thinking it’s scam, I know how much richer I would have been now, I’ll definitely give a trial even with the least of money I can when it’s fully launched. But maybe @officialEFCC needs to verify the authenticity too. #LetterToEfcc.”